This "CSX-4019" 427 Shelby Cobra is in for an engine and transmission upgrade. We'll be putting together an all aluminum Shelby big block with twin Paxton superchargers. Similar to Carroll's Super Snake twin Paxton car that sold for 5 million dollars at Barrett Jackson in 2007. The project is not about creating a exact copy but to build a car that's more to the owners taste and to build a car that will overcome some of the originals shortcomings. The main issues the owner wants to address is to get the weight down in the nose, he wants the engine to breathe through air filters, and he wants an overdrive transmission.

Update 1:

We got the heads in from Shelby complete and ready to run but ultimately ended up spending some time on them. I did a little cleanup work in the bowl area, opened up the valve guide clearance slightly. Shimmed the valve springs to match my cam and lapped the valves in.

Update 2:

After many hours of block prep the first step was to begin the pre-assembly of the engine. All the clearances checked out good, the only issue was one of the counterweights on the crank hit the block near the oil pump surface area. After removing some of the material on the block, the block went through a final washing. The cam bearings were installed then the crank. The crankshaft is a 428 Ford piece that has been lightened and heat treated. The rods are manufactured by Eagle.

Update 3:

The Rods and Ross supercharger pistons are now installed along with the roller camshaft.