• This car was built in 2006.
  • It has a 2001 hayabusa with a turbo system.
  • The car and suspension are built from 4130 cromoly steel.
  • This car is turn key and ready to ride.
  • The car dyno'ed at 246 horsepower to the rear wheels.
  • The turbo system uses a piggy back system using eight
    total injectors.
  • The turbo is a Garret 57 trim turbo with a five hundred
    horse power potential.
  • The exhaust is jet hot coated along with the plenum box.
  • This car is very fast.
  • The car weighs 700 pounds.
  • The shocks are Works in the front and Fox in the rear
    and they're both coil over's.
  • The car has a lot of chrome and is painted candy apple red
    with silver sparkle paint.
  • The side panels are prismatic grey with Rhyno lining
    on the inside.
  • The brakes are CNC and the stub axels are 930 micro stubs.
  • The car uses a 630 o-ring chain and has a rotating center
    axel for the chain adjuster.
      This means no chain noise from a chain tensioner.
  • The rear tires are competition grooved Sand Tires Unlimited
    with Douglas Wheels and the front is Douglas Wheels with
    custom super buffed Mohawk's.

The price was $15,000.00 USD